Clinical research chair
in ketotherapeutics

For brain disorders

The chair’s objectives


Validate a new generation of ketone treatment for Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.


Determine whether ketones can improve brain energy metabolism in psychiatric disorders.


Assess a new ketogenic supplement plus a reduced carbohydrate diet to improve quality of life in nursing home residents.

Long-term vision

This research chair is endowed – projects on ketones will be financed from a permanent endowment. Long-term commitment by the Université de Sherbrooke.

Recruit a 2nd world-class researcher to grow our leadership role in ketotherapeutics.

Train and inspire young doctors and graduate students for research careers in ketotherapeutics. We are recruiting post-doctoral fellows!


KETOTHERAPEUTICS: Treating disease using ketones – two small molecules derived from fats and that are important for optimal brain function.

*****ENDOWED CHAIR TARGET: $5 millions - Current funding: $1.1 million*****

Please contribute to our cutting edge research with ketones: it will improve the treatment of brain disorders!

Project flyer

Contact and information

Gabriel Simard, M.Sc. MBA
Philanthropy Manager
Université de Sherbrooke Foundation


Pr Cunnane

Stephen Cunnane, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Dept. of Medicine and researcher at the Université de Sherbrooke’s Research Center on Aging since 2003. Learn more
  • Expert in brain energy metabolism during aging.
  • Developed the world’s 1st treatment for the early stage of Alzheimer disease (based on ketones) Learn more
  • Holds the world’s 1st academic research chair in ketotherapeutics.
  • B.Sc. Bishop’s University | Ph.D. McGill University| Post-doc. Aberdeen and London, UK.


Senior Canada Research Chair in brain energy metabolism (2003-2010).

University Research Chair in brain energy metabolism (2012-2019).

350 peer-reviewed publications with 23,000 citations, an H-index of 79 and an i10-index of 286 (Google Scholar); 5 books; 2 patents.

2020 review on ketotherapeutics ranked in top 1% of all Nature Reviews Drug Discovery publications.

Elected to the French National Academy of Medicine; 5th Canadian.

Chevreul Medal, French Society for Research on Lipids (2017).

9 of his 44 students have gone on to academic appointments in Canada (4), USA (2), Europe (2) and Asia (1).


Developed the concept of ketones to rescue the ‘brain energy gap’ in Alzheimer disease.

First to demonstrate that ketones improve cognitive performance early in Alzheimer disease because they correct declining brain fuel supply.

First to assess whether a ketogenic supplement increases the benefit of exercise in Parkinson disease.

Developed the 1st method to measure brain glucose and ketone metabolism by PET imaging.

Solid track record of clinical trials testing dietary supplements that require regulatory approval.


Val Girard

Grant Hochman

Mary T Newport, MD
Physician, Caregiver, Author, International Speaker and Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist

Philippe Guesnet, PhD
Former Research Director (INRAE), President of the French Society for the Study of Lipids (SFEL)


Christian Bocti, MD, PhD, FRCP
Neurologist, Professor in imaging and neurodegenerative diseases

Russell Swerdlow, MD, PhD
Neurologist, Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and Neurodegenerative Disorders Program, Professor at the University of Kansas

Karl Fernandes, PhD
Professor in biology of neurodegenerative disorders

Tamas Fulop, MD, PhD, DSc
Geriatrician, Professor in neurodegenerative diseases and immunology

Elisabelle Hardy, Dt.P
Dietitian-nutritionist and owner of Clinique Nutritive

Cutting edge image analysis

Scientific Advisory Committee

Bernard Cuenoud, PhD
Head, Global Research and Clinical Development at Nestlé Health Science and Adjunct Professor at Université de Sherbrooke

Louis Bherer, PhD
Neuropsychologist and Professor, University of Montreal

André Carpentier, MD
Endocrinologist, Professor and Director at the Clinical Research Center of Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke

Jean-Pierre Perreault, PhD
Vice-Rector of Research and Graduate Studies at Université de Sherbrooke

Nathalie Rivard, PhD
Vice-Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé, Université de Sherbrooke

Université de Sherbrooke

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences