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Different technologies allow us to understand the functioning of the brain which give us a unique window on this complex organ.

Memory tests

Memory tests

Paper or electronic tests allow us to evaluate memory and other aspects of brain function such as attention, orientation, etc.

Ketone supplements

Ketone supplements

Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and ketone salts are two types of supplements that help safely increase ketones in the blood. In the lab, we evaluate and use quality products to obtain conclusive results.

Brain Fuel

Brain Fuel

The brain is mainly fueled with glucose which is, simply, the body’s form of sugar. However, it has been known for several years now that the brain also readily to uses ketones, derived from fat, for energy.

As we age, the human brain changes and it’s ability to use glucose declines; this problem is even more marked in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Knowing that ketones remain a fuel of choice for the aging brain, our team is investigating various strategies to correct the brain’s energy gap.

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Finding an alternative fuel for the brain

Clinical research for new strategies

Clinical studies or clinical research evaluate new ways to identify, prevent, treat or manage disease with the aim of improving people’s health. A clinical study is research in which people like you freely agree to participate. Without the voluntary participation of people in research, clinical studies cannot exist.

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