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More energy to the brain
Why ?

During aging, the brain has trouble using his main fuel, sugar. This problem is amplified in the case of Alzheimer’s disease, for example. Indeed, having a brain “out of fuel” seems to have repercussions on memory. The preventative approach of Pr. Cunnane’s team is to work around this problem and provide another source of alternative fuel to the brain.

The BENEFIC study, currently underway at the Research Centre on Aging, seeks to assess the potential of an MCT oil supplement to prevent memory problems and improve brain metabolism, i.e. way he uses his energy.

Worried about your memory?

Contact us without delay, the study will continue until the end of winter 2017.

You can hear again the interview that Pr. Cunnane gave on December 6, 2016 on Radio-Canada’s regional program, Écoutez l’Estrie. Prior to the health talk he gave at Hotel-Dieu, he talks about ways to help our brains age well.

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